2017 China Dairy Exhibition

The 8th China Dairy Exhibition will be held from 16-18th June in Nanjing Jiangsu province.

It’s the biggest,most influential and most cohesive activity for China dairy industry.

Rotomolding product also plays a role in pasture construction.Rotomolding product has characteristics of strong intensity,antibiotic,lightweight,easy disassembly.Now rotational

calf hutch,insulate water through,hutch fence and fan cover replace fiberglass and metal products.Rotomolding is environmental industry.The production process is toxic tasteless

and the material all food grade.So it improved pasture qualification.Also it solves recycle problem.Ningbo Gooki trading will keep good relationship with China rotomoulders and

try to provide high price ratio product to all customers.

Gooki will fins best roto machine, mold and product manufacture.Choosing Gooki means

China rotomolding.


Post time: Jun-08-2017
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