Nottingham International Rotomolding Training

China rotomolding factories grow fast recent years.But most of them don’t have

rotomolding professional person.The people who said he knew rotomolding well just

because he has worked in this industry for a long time.These people don’t have

professional studies for rotomolding.But China need development and professional


This month the university of Nottingham China and ARMO organized a training

session.The training day is from 21-24 August.Training location is the university of

Nottingham Ningbo China.The training invited rotomolding expert overseas.

The main training content as below:

How to design rotomolding product in 10 details

More probability in rotomolding

Introduce new product in the world

Development cycle for rotomolding product

Introduce some small parts in rotomolding,eg. Insert,vent hole,clamps.

Gooki hopes the training will be success and many people can come and learn

useful technology.

Post time: Aug-17-2017
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