Rainwater tanks in rotomolding

Since 2012,China has proposed the concept of sponge city.Sponge city is the city can be

like a sponge which can have good “elastic” to adapt to changing environment and response

to natural disasters.eg. It can store water and clean water when raining.Then release water

when needed.

    Rotomolding played a very big role in this project.Rotomolding underground tank can

be buried underground 2-5m.It can collect rain water during rainy season for dry season

use.The underground tank capacity can be 2m³-30m³or maybe bigger.

    Rotomolding rainwater tanks can be designed as different shape.eg.flower pot and

antique container.Rainwater tanks in garden which can be a rainwater harvesting container

and also ornaments.Rotomolding product is made by plastic.It will be more safe for

children and old people.Also the product is durable and recyclable.

Post time: Jul-14-2017
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