Rotomolding Agricultural Tank

With the large-scale planting of Chinese agricultural,plant protection machinery emerge

as the time require.It helps large-scale feed and spray insecticide for grain plants.It greatly

reduced labour work and improved production efficiency.

Rotomolding agricultural tank plays an important role in plant protection machinery.

For a person to spray insecticide,he usually use a blow moulding tank.If for large-scale

spray insecticide,the smallest tank is 300L and biggest can be 3000L.These usually

rotomolding tanks.The tank is one part,no welding line.It easy to clean.

Rotomolding product is strong and shock-proof.Agricultural tank will bear series rapid

jerks when plant protection machinery work.But the tank will not break.

Gooki can find professional design company for agricultural tank in China.Also the

professional company for mold making.To provide you professional technology and


Post time: Aug-07-2017
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