How to Create a Family Game Room Out of Your Extra Bedroom

If you have an extra bedroom or a guest room that gets very little use, perhaps it is time to give it a total makeover. Why don't you turn that room into a wonderful game room that everyone will like, instead of wasting the space? Many times this can be accomplished on a minimal budget with hardly any effort. All you need is an unused bedroom, a few decorating materials, and plenty of games. Here are some nice simple tips for making that spare space into your very own family game room.

Inspecting Your Space

The first step towards creating a game room is carefully examining the room. If you already have furniture in the room, you will have to give some consideration as to what you will do with it. Sometimes you can still use the furniture and incorporate it as part of your family game room. However, some furniture pieces will probably have to be removed entirely, such as the bed itself. Sometimes you might just wish to put these items in storage so that you may have them available if you want them in the future. You might also donate these items to charity or perhaps sell them in a garage sale or on an internet auction site. When you have emptied the room, take a look at the floor and also the walls. If the room could use a new coat of paint, it can be easier to get the job done before you start adding new furniture to the room. Adding a colorful coat of paint can really help to transform an old bedroom into an enjoyable new game room.

Great Furniture Pieces for Game Rooms

Although the furniture pieces you include will obviously be somewhat based upon the kinds of games you plan to play, there are a few items that are always useful. A nice sturdy table and chair set, large enough for your entire family to sit at, is often an indispensable addition to the game room. Tables are usually a great thing to use for board games and card games. On the other hand, if you plan to play mostly video games in the room, then you might want to focus on a television set, an entertainment center, and comfortable seating pieces such as chairs, a small couch, or a loveseat. If there is hardwood or tile floor in the room, including an area rug can make sitting on the floor to play games a more comfortable experience.

Hints for Decorating the Game Room

You can have plenty of fun redecorating your family game room. Pictures of your family can make great art for your walls when you put them in wood picture frames. Or you might even hang old game boards made out of wood on your walls as a creative design. You may also find some wallpapers that have a theme perfect for a game room. You may even make a neat chair rail border around the walls of your game room using just some playing cards arranged end to end. All you need to have to attach them is some paste for wallpaper borders. You may also find some vintage boxes from board games, and also game directions and any other game-themed items to put in antique picture frames as wall artwork.

So use that extra bedroom you have as soon as you are able to. Begin converting it into a game room you will always love.


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