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Did They Really Do That - Amazing Facts About Extreme Homes

It has been a proven fact that people with money tend to spend it on a house; even if they are known to be conservative spenders. There are certain trends that many millionaires tend to keep similar, and renovations and characteristics that also tend to be in common. A few for example are that they require special wings of the house to be secluded from the rest of the members of the family that no longer live in the home full time. They also feature extravagant guest houses, pools, landscapes, and so much more. Another similarity is that the kitchen seems to be the most common room that is remodeled, and sometimes the room that is spent the least amount of time in. "Million dollar homes", referring to much larger home as well nowadays, also tend to have game rooms and theatres that are completely lavish. With the introduction of talking homes, and other seemingly absurd additions to homes, there's no putting past anything by anyone when it comes to building or remodeling homes when there is a lot of money in...


Glass Doorknobs - Everyday Art For Your Home

When you think of glass doorknobs, you may think of the old style glass doorknobs that could have been in a Victorian home. While they are attractive to look at, they are all very much the same. They are typically knob shaped and made from one color of glass. When the light hits them, they shine like a gem in a newly discovered treasure chest. But, that's about it, right? Wrong. There is actually quite a variety on the market when it comes to glass doorknobs. They are not all that gemstone traditional look, but many are works of art that are hand blown or fire worked to make dazzling, yet functional, shapes. When it comes to art glass doorknobs there are a number of styles to choose from. First you have to select the glass doorknob shape. These pieces come in cylinders, globes, squares, rectangles, or even egg shapes. While many of these are common shapes for pieces of household hardware, what is done to these pieces is anything but common. Inside the glass rods or eggs are swirled beautiful colors of glass...


Increase the value of your home by choosing improvements that add value

Although we are constantly being told that the green shoots of economic recovery are slowly emerging it is still a difficult marketplace for anyone seeking to sell their home. Indeed, the first and most dramatic casualty of the current economic crisis was the lending market. As a result selling houses is now highly competitive and properties are not selling the instant they come onto the market regardless of their condition, as they did during the boom years. So, anything that can add value to your home and elevate it above similar properties on the market is a definite bonus. There is a long list of home improvements that are considerably costly, but which add very little overall value to your property. In addition, undertaking improvements to your home could even devalue the property, especially if the work done is not undertaken by professionals or left unfinished. Home improvements that have been shown to add no value to your property include the installation of a swimming pool, changing the use ...


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