Did They Really Do That - Amazing Facts About Extreme Homes

It has been a proven fact that people with money tend to spend it on a house; even if they are known to be conservative spenders. There are certain trends that many millionaires tend to keep similar, and renovations and characteristics that also tend to be in common. A few for example are that they require special wings of the house to be secluded from the rest of the members of the family that no longer live in the home full time. They also feature extravagant guest houses, pools, landscapes, and so much more. Another similarity is that the kitchen seems to be the most common room that is remodeled, and sometimes the room that is spent the least amount of time in. "Million dollar homes", referring to much larger home as well nowadays, also tend to have game rooms and theatres that are completely lavish.

With the introduction of talking homes, and other seemingly absurd additions to homes, there's no putting past anything by anyone when it comes to building or remodeling homes when there is a lot of money involved. For instance, if you've got $88,000, you can get two regulation bowling lanes, complete with the works: computerized scoring, balls, pins, shoes, you name it. You can a get cellar for $15,000 with space for over one thousand wine bottles, and temperature controlled walls, but that's on the low end. If you want to get greedy, these can be priced up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars! This is an up-and-coming trend.

Feel the need to fire a gun often? You can have a firing range installed into your home for anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000. Really, you can get anything you want put into your home; these were just a few of the recently rising trends seen within multi-millionaires.

There are some people who realize that they need to keep in shape. These people are installing full or half-sized home gyms, and some are doing rock climbing walls in their homes. It gets tricky there however because you need the ceiling space to be able to construct on properly. So that one's probably going to cost you quite a bit more.

With all of the amazing things people have thought of to add to their homes, it seems that many of the traditional qualities have been lost. But this may be because people are truly trying to put those childhood dreams of mansions and such into reality; and it seems that many who have the money to do it, are.


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