Glass Doorknobs - Everyday Art For Your Home

When you think of glass doorknobs, you may think of the old style glass doorknobs that could have been in a Victorian home. While they are attractive to look at, they are all very much the same. They are typically knob shaped and made from one color of glass. When the light hits them, they shine like a gem in a newly discovered treasure chest. But, that's about it, right? Wrong.

There is actually quite a variety on the market when it comes to glass doorknobs. They are not all that gemstone traditional look, but many are works of art that are hand blown or fire worked to make dazzling, yet functional, shapes.

When it comes to art glass doorknobs there are a number of styles to choose from. First you have to select the glass doorknob shape. These pieces come in cylinders, globes, squares, rectangles, or even egg shapes. While many of these are common shapes for pieces of household hardware, what is done to these pieces is anything but common. Inside the glass rods or eggs are swirled beautiful colors of glass that have been captured inside the overall shape. They almost look as if they are suspended pieces of ribbon that were being whipped up by a breeze. These glass doorknobs are going to have all your guests stopping for an extra moment just to admire them. This style of glass doorknob can be either just the glass on a metal base, or even framed with metal to complete the artsy look.

In addition to the design within glass, there are also glass doorknobs that are designs on glass. Take for example, an Asian inspired room that has bamboo accenting. The door knobs are white rods of glass that have been etched in such a way to look like they are pieces of bamboo that have been crystallized. Others add a piece of personality to modern home decor with rectangle and square glass etched door handles that come together to say "How are you?" through the etching.

Other Glass doorknobs can add an extra touch of Contemporary Victorian class to your home. They are being created in rectangles, rods and other contemporary-popular geometric shapes, while also being accented in Victorian-style gold leafing.

While many glass doorknobs are meant to take on a specific shape, others are left to the forces that be to dictate their form. These are pieces of glass that are put into kilns or fires, and allowed to melt into creative shapes that are later mounted to be used as a doorknob. While they are far from traditional, they are major talking pieces, as they are each one of a kind. Who wouldn't like saying they have an original piece of art in their home, even if it happens to be on a door?

Through the variety of glass doorknobs today, while it may not be a Chihuly, you can still have art glass in your home, this kind being art you can use every day.


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